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It is Royal’s policy to not invite or accept third-party disclosure or submissions of information (including patents or applications).

This information is provided in compliance with 35 U.S.C. 287(a). The Royal products appearing in the table below are covered by one or more of the U. S. Patent(s) listed in corresponding line. This listing is provided without prejudice, is subject to revision and other patents may also be relevant to a listed product or to a design based, in whole or in part, on a listed product.


Royal Product U.S. Patent Number
Battery Terminal Connector 6,764,353
Top Clamping Battery Terminal Connector  6,817,908 
Fuse Holder with Adjustable Terminals  6,855,008 
Fused Battery Terminal Connector  6,932,650 
Hand Lever Battery Terminal Connector   7,189,122 
Lever Lock Battery Terminal  7,695,326 
One-Piece Fusible Battery Terminal  9,093,758 
Pull Bar Battery Terminal Clamp  9,608,254 
High Power Spring-Actuated Electrical Connector  9,905,953 
Angled Bolt T-Bolt Battery Terminal Clamp  10,008,789 
Spring-Actuated Electrical Connector for High-Power Applications  10,135,168